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A 4:20 Special: ‘Night of the Living Heads’ Pot Horror Wraps

Indie filmmakers George A. Taramas and Michael Gruosso have announced an official wrap on NIGHT OF THE LIVING HEADS.

They had this to say to Bloody Disgusting about the project. “We had the time of our lives making this baby, no matter how hard it was doing it with virtually no budget. We hope everyone enjoys the idea we created and also, give pot a little more exposure in today’s culture. For what its worth, marijuana gets a bad wrap, and we hope to see that change. And hopefully our exaggeration of the topic helps soften its image with a funny, entertaining, horror movie. REEFER MADNESS fucked us tokers over for the last 50 years. NIGHT OF THE LIVING HEADS is the pot zombie movie we’ve been waiting for.”



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