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‘Orphange’ Producers Seek Out Paranormal in ‘Scars’

Rodar y Rodar (The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes) is in pre-production on a new Spanish-language horror thriller entitled Scars (Cicatrices) that will be directed by Sergi Viscaino. Penned by Daniel Padro, the pic follows a group of university students, lead by Angela, who set up camp in an abandoned town to investigate possible paranormal occurrences. Events take a turn with the appearance of a specter that harasses them incessantly, a specter only Angela’s sister Diana, is able to perceive. You can find the long synopsis we got our hands on by reading below.
Angela, the lead, is studying medicine and believes herself capable of nearly anything. Diana, her friend, is extremely sensitive and receptive. They are sisters and share a mutual bond — They loathe each other.

Angela, pressured by her eccentric teacher, Dr. Fuentes, goes to investigate the paranormal activities taking place in a village called Susurro with its own legend, a dead murderer, Dr. Amado, webbed in rumors. Carlos, her boyfriend, Belen, Toni and Jose are ready to go with her. All she’s missing is a means of transport, and her sister has a van.

Diana has a strange variety of epilepsy which can’t be controlled and makes her suffer constant attacks. Her therapist believes the attacks may be related to Angela. Diana decides to go to Susurro with Angela and face her fears.

When they arrive at the village, they discover things that could be taken as natural or supernatural. Diana starts seeing Dr. Amado’s ghost after a hypnosis session. But she’s the only one that does. Carlos, Angela’s boyfriend, disappears. The group flounders between supposedly supernatural happening and constant discussions. Meanwhile, Dr. Amado’s hold on Diana grows… Up to the point that she becomes a murderer.

Angela has no choice but to face her sister and her own doubts. Is Diana possessed? Or has she created a violent uncontrolled alter ego? Can she face something she can’t even see?

Angela, lost in a strange village, will have to choose. Should she save her life or her sister’s?

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