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TV: Pilot Shoot Begins for ‘The Haunted’

Reydon Shores Entertainment, a leading producer of original entertainment, announced today that it has commenced principal photography on TV pilot “The Haunted,” a riveting new horror in the vein of Dimension Films’ The Amityville Horror and DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity, on location in and around Los Angeles. The show stars newcomers Khol Vaughn-Michael Bladen, Ann Nguyen and Michael John Feig. Full details below.
Sandra and her boyfriend John have finally moved in together, but little did they know, their new home was the site of a gruesome murder-suicide decades earlier. Sandra begins losing touch with reality when she starts witnessing apparitions of the murders in front of her that only she can see. Her relationship starts to suffer as John feels that Sandra can’t determine what’s real and what is just a nightmare.

Unable to explain what is happening to her, Sandra hires a paranormal investigator to determine the cause of the disruptions. She learns that the same escaped mental patient that murdered a group of teens during a house party 35 years earlier still haunts her house.

“The Haunted” is written by Cesare Farfan, produced by Oscar Serrone and directed by Russell Stuart.

“The Haunted” is being produced by Serrone Brothers Productions in association with Reydon Shores Entertainment and Cintanis Productions.

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