New Canadian Sci-Fi Thriller 'Ghosts Don't Exist' - Bloody Disgusting
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New Canadian Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Ghosts Don’t Exist’



From Eric Espejo comes a new Canadian horror film, Ghosts Don’t Exist, which we’ve got the trailer and poster art for below. In the film Brett Wilson conducts paranormal investigations for a living. He also has a popular TV show that airs on a sci-fi channel. Ghost hunting, as it has now been dubbed, is the process of investigating locations said to be haunted by paranormal activity that could indicate the presence of spirits or entities not of this world. Tragedy strikes Brett. His wife passes away and as a result he questions the existence of the afterlife. His show continues to do well but he harbors guilt for not being there for her when she needed him most. As he reflects on his priorities, he shocks those around him when he suddenly decides to retire. The network threatens to sue him if he doesn’t at least provide a series finale. He reluctantly agrees to take on the finale when he receives a strange and desperate call from a potential client that claims Brett’s wife is in his home. What happens to the team upon their arrival is shocking and unprecedented.


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