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Latest ‘Super 8’ Viral Introduces the Rocket Poppeteers

Man do I miss Slusho, the fun viral marketing campaign that kicked off the Cloverfield hype. With J.J. Abrams now getting behind the camera himself for Super 8, the Steven Spielberg/Amblin collaboration, the viral roll-out began the second the teaser trailer hit the web. Words hidden with the trailer pointed to a website that counted down to 11PM EST last night. What would happen at zero hour? Find out below!
The boys over at Super 8 News are on top of their shit:

The following newspaper articles are all that has been found in regards to the ending of the countdown on . I’m going to have to take the word of the guys at unfiction for this since I don’t have a printer, but you can verify it for yourself if you do.

At the following screen (after the 20 lines load up) type .PRINT RSCOM8 and hit enter.

What you get when you print from this screen are the following two newspaper articles:

The only other command that works in the terminal is .REENTER and it prompts you to mount a device and it doesn’t appear we can get any further at the moment. So what do you make of the newspaper articles? They do lead us to which is currently not active, but could be another site in the marketing campaign, so keep your eyes open.



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