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OMFG of the Day: Early Teaser for ‘The Divide’ Promises Everlasting Battle of Man vs Man!

While you may think “zombies” when you hear the name George A. Romero, I immediately think of the subplot where the humans fight not only the undead, but also themselves. The idea that mankind can’t seem to work together is a topic that’s as old as time and yet as fresh as ever. While just the name “Xavier Gens” is enough to get me excited about a project, knowing that the subplot to The Divide (his post-apocalyptic thriller now in production) tackles the long-lasting battle of man vs. man only adds major fuel to the fire. But let’s unload the entire container of gasoline; the movie comes from the director of Frontier(s) it stars Michael Biehn, the images look badass, and now we’ve got a premature teaser trailer that’s quite simply stunning. Yes, I said TRAILER, already! You can watch it for yourself for one day only at the film’s official website, or by reading below. What do you guys think?
The film is a post-apocalyptic thriller set mostly in an apartment building fallout shelter, a serial-killer thriller about a woman afflicted with “face blindness” and a coming-of-age story about a young girl seeking out her birth mother.

German’s character is at the center of the film, set in New York, which is virtually destroyed in a mysterious explosion in the first act. Eight survivors take refuge in the fallout shelter of an apartment building, where they are menaced first by mysterious men in HazMat suits and eventually by each other.




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