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Horror in Animal Costumes: Trailer Debut for ‘Humanimal’

Almost two years after releasing it’s teaser, beow you’ll now find the official trailer for the Chilean horror film Humanimal.

Humanimal is a very unique latin american film: it’s a contemporary no dialog movie where it’s main actors are dressed on ridiculous animal costumes, but instead of being a childish comedy, the story is a hard drama that navigates between surrealism and horror.

It’s director, Francesc Morales says: “There was a lot of media buzz when we released the teaser two years ago, it allowed us to upgrade from a small independent production to something bigger. We are very excited to show how the movie actually looks like.

The movie stars famous chilean actors such as Ramón Llao (Turtle), Jenny Cavallo (Cat), Sebastián Layseca (Fox), Cecilia Levi (Bunny), Cristobal Tapia Montt (Young Man), Francisco Gormáz (Lion), Felipe Avello (Tiger), among others.

The plot crunch:

After being abandoned by his only friend, Turtle becomes obsessed with becoming a person to compete for Cat’s affection.

The proyect has been compared by chilean press with films of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Raul Ruiz, asi it is a fable-horror movie that is shocking, strange, overloaded and ultimately a surreal experience with an atmosphere full of symbolism. Eventhough the movie is a lineal story that follows how an inoccent character (Turtle) becomes corrupt with the temptation of sex and power, and how he eventually grows up.

The film is being directed by spanish director Francesc Morales who is currently living in Chile.

He says about the movie: “The story talks through animals about the decline of human habits and it expects to be a criticism about what makes us persons.” Being a movie that doesn’t need dialogs it has the advantage that it can be seen in any place of the world without difficulties.

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