Tanit Phoenix Talks Sexy Role in 'Lost Boys: The Thirst' - Bloody Disgusting
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Tanit Phoenix Talks Sexy Role in ‘Lost Boys: The Thirst’



The boys over at Moviehole landed an exclusive interview with South African model Tanit Phoenix who chatted about her roles in Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives and Warner Premiere’s Lost Boys: The Thirst. “What I found very interesting about the Lost Boys script was that it showcases vampires how they really are, blood-sucking and evil, which somewhat dances around the fact that Twilight made their vampires seem beautiful, but they really are not.” In the DTV sequel she plays Gwen Lieber, a wealthy vampire-romance novelist who gets a little dirtied up. “I wanted to play a bad girl, and I finally got my chance, [but] the most physical I got was getting into skimpy outfits.” At least we have that to look forward to. Watch the trailer that debuted online this past week by clicking here. Click the link above or below for talk on Death Race 2.


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