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Horror In Your House Heads Down the Rabbit Hole

This week’s edition of Horror In Your House, while slightly disappointing, does carry a few indie films that are worthy of checking out. Both Cornered and Easter Bunny, Kill, Kill have received quite a bit of buzz over the past few years. In addition, Troma is releasing a Blu-ray of Class of Nuke ‘Em High, while you can also pick up the director’s cut of The Wolfman and Burton’s crapfest Alice in Wonderland.
Horror in your House
June 1, 2010


Tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice for a fantastical new adventure from Walt Disney Pictures and Tim Burton. Inviting and magical, Alice In Wonderland is an imaginative new twist on one of the most beloved stories of all time. Alice, now 19 years old, returns to the whimsical world she first entered as a child and embarks on a journey to discover her true destiny.

TEX SAYS: This could have been an obvious PICK OF THE WEEK, but since it’s not a horror film, I’ve disqualified it. However, it is my favorite Tim Burton film in quite a while…even if it gets lost a bit down the rabbit hole of self-indulgence.


Created by the same lunatics who brought you the smash cult classic THE TOXIC AVENGER, CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH takes place in the radioactive halls of Tromaville High School, where a dangerous leak turns great minds into great mutants. Expose yourself to outrageously awesome doses of science fiction, horror action and bizarre humor. This nuclear age movie has something for everyone… and everything. Your entertainment level will shoot right off the meter!

TEX SAYS: So…I do declare this my PICK OF THE WEEK because, (1) it’s kinda my favorite Troma film. And (2) upon revisiting it (I hadn’t seen it in about 15-years), it reminded me that, once upon a time, Troma films were of a much more respectable disrepute than they are now that the company has become little more than a puerile punchline for Indie Cinema.


John Barton is a by-the-book military pilot whose assignment is to deliver vital medicine to miners on a far-off planet. His disposable ship is in perilous danger when Barton discovers excess weight–that won’t allow him to land–on board: a young stowaway, Lee Cross. After Barton is ordered to dispose of Lee, the mission takes a tragic turn as the two frantically search for a way to survive in the abyss of space.

CORNERED: Phase 4 Films

During their nightly poker game, a group of lowlifes are terrorized in their own convenience store by a masked killer as players begin to disappear one by one. Be warned & watch what you say… someone may be listening!

DARK NATURE (Blu-ray): Troma

Hoping to enjoy a nice holiday in the country, McKenzie and her rebellious daughter Chloe travel to a remote Scottish community, but their weekend getaway turns into a nightmare as an escalating series of disturbances force them into desperate fight for their lives. DARK NATURE offers bloody thrills and the blackest of comedy as these women struggle against a brutal attacker who is hiding a secret that threatens to tear them to shreds.

EASTER BUNNY, KILL, KILL: Vicious Circle Films

It s Easter, sixteen-year-old Nicholas favorite holiday. When the mentally and physically disabled youth s mother, Mindy, begins a relationship with a psycho killer, bizarre events begin to unfold – especially after Nicholas takes a seemingly normal rabbit into the house. But when home intruders, prostitutes and street trash are murdered in bizarre and gruesome ways, just who is the bunny-masked killer committing these horrendous crimes?


A group of college students at an all-night party dare each other to play a Ouija board. But what starts out as fun rapidly turns into a nightmare when the glass spells out the message “ALL DIE” and a demon is awakened with an appetite for vengeance against those who summoned him. One by one, the students fall prey to a succession of disturbing murders. With time running out and the body count growing, the remaining friends realize they can’t trust anybody, not even each other.

THE WOLFMAN – 2010 (DVD & Blu-ray): Universal

Lawrence Talbot is lured back to his family estate to investigate the savage murder of his brother by a bloodthirsty beast. There, Talbot must confront his childhood demons, his estranged father, his brother’s grieving fiancée and a suspicious Scotland Yard Inspector. When Talbot is bitten by the creature, he becomes eternally cursed and soon discovers a fate far worse than death.

TEX SAYS: While it could have been much worse considering all the delays, The Wolfman ultimately arrived with more of a ho-hum nonchalance. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I am however looking forward the checking out the Director’s Cut DVD which is supposed to have about 15 minutes of additional footage.



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