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‘Shutter Island’ Overshadows Horror In Your House

After a few weeks of decent releases, this week’s Horror In Your House is pretty weak. While Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island gets a DVD/Blu-ray release – and who knows if it’s even good on second viewing – there are only a small handful of other genere films arriving at a retailer near you. Read on to see the list.
Horror in your House
June 8, 2010

BLOODLOCK: Midnight Releasing

A secret basement room, a solid titanium door, an intricate locking mechanism never meant to be unlocked An innocent, emotionally wounded wife, her husband in sexual deceit with her sister, an honest, helpful locksmith, an old couple greedy for immortality, an evil entity trapped behind the door.

CREEK: Synergetic

A group of friends on their way to a horror convention are lured into a roadside attraction promising them the opportunity to find gold. They discover that with the gold comes a curse and the ghosts who are haunting the creek are out for vengeance.

METAL MAN: Midnight Releasing

Kyle Finn is just an ordinary college kid. He bites off more than he can chew when he accepts a position working with Dr. Arthur Blake, a bio-mech engineer. Kyle tests the new metal helmet and suit for Blake. But the experiment goes wrong and Blake is murdered by evil weapons dealer, Sebastian Reed. Kyle is locked in the suit and can t get out. Blake appears to him as an A.I. program in the helmet and helps Kyle escape. Now, Reed will stop at nothing to find Kyle and the Metal Suit. He murders Kyle s parents and kidnaps his girlfriend, Julie. Only the beautiful Dr, Marissa Lee, who also wants revenge on Reed for killing her father, can help Kyle. Together, they will learn the awesome powers of the suit, force-fields, invisibility, morphing and more! But they will need them all to fight off Reed s ninja henchman and his ultimate secret weapon, the Mecha Terror robot, programmed for one thing… to destroy Kyle Finn… a.k.a. Metal Man!


When U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels arrives at the asylum for the criminally insane on Shutter Island, what starts as a routine investigation quickly takes a sinister turn. As the investigation unfolds and Teddy uncovers more shocking and terrifying truths about the island, he learns there are some places that never let you go.

TEX SAYS: Well…I guess this is a default PICK OF THE WEEK since basically NOTHING is releasing today. That said, I do think Shutter Island is a worthy film with a pretty killer vibe going for it. So, check it out!



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