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Hold The Phone, Buffy Star To Write Drusilla Comic!

Buffy saw a lot of characters come and go over the years, but perhaps the only non-central character to become a fan favorite was Drusila. She was a complete nutjob, throughout her 17-episode run, and it was only a matter of time before we saw her again. But the big surprise is that the actress herself, Juliet Landau, is writing the comic mini-series!

We recently saw Joshua Jackson jump from actor to comic writer with DC’s new Fringe series, so perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Drusilla is set for a five-issue run, picking up right where she left off in the show. You can expect the first issue to drop in June. Read on for the skinny

drus1a WRITTEN BY: Juliet Landau
ART BY: Cliff Richards, Tim Seeley, and Andy Owens

As Drusilla flees through the streets of London, her savagery is witnessed by a documentary filmmaker who becomes fixated on her. He wants to bring the story behind such a unique and mysterious specimen to the big screen! His hunt for Drusilla, past, present, and future, sets him on a path of no return!