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Vincent Price And His ‘House of Horrors’ #1



A few weeks back, we announced that Jay Katz would be honoring Vincent Price in his latest mini-series from Bluewater, Vincent Price: House Of Horrors. Although the book doesn’t land until the latter half of April, you can still ogle over the preview, showcasing all sorts of over the top horror goodies. This isn’t even close to Price’s first comic appearance, but we’re excited to see what Katz has dreamed up for this incarnation of the infamous V-Price. Check out the 7-page preview below.

vprice1c WRITTEN BY: Jay Katz
ART BY: Stefano Cardoselli
PUBLISHER: Blue Water Comics
RELEASE: April 25

An all-new 4 issue mini series from the Master of Horror. A small, weird western town on the edge of hell is invaded by a horde of demons in the shape of bandits. On their wild rampage through the town, the bandits run afoul of an Asperger’s syndrome boy with strange powers, and his silent giant companion. The boy and the giant defeat the demon-bandits and drive them back into Hell. The boy climbs up on the shoulders of his giant friend and rides off into the sunset, leaving the town’s preacher and mayor, who looks suspiciously like VINCENT PRICE, wondering…






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