Nostalgia Horror In Gary Gianni's Monstermen And Other Scary Stories - Bloody Disgusting!

Nostalgia Horror In Gary Gianni’s Monstermen And Other Scary Stories

For those of you who don’t know Gary Gianni, quite simply, you should. His brilliant black and white line art brings up all sorts of nostalgia for classic horror comics, films, and novels. Monstermen offers an absurdest tale about the wealthy film director Lawrence St. George and his quests to stop every monster you could ever imagine. It’s like Ugly Americans mixed with the best of Hitchcock. Check out a preview of the beautiful artwork and story below. Read on for the skinny…

monstermencover WRITTEN BY: Gary Gianni
ART BY: Gary Gianni
RELEASE: March 7

In a world plagued by zombie cowboys, squid pirates, abominable snowmen, mustachioed skulls, movie phantoms, and fat, flying demons, only millionaire film director Lawrence St. George and his associate, Benedict of the venerable guild of Corpus Monstrum, have the capabilities and the wit to bring these horrors down.