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Vincent Price Presents: House of Horrors

Bluewater announced today that they will be releasing a brand new Vincent Price: House of Horrors mini-series written byJay Katz (who seems super stoked about the project). I’m sure you all remember good ol’ horror silver-screen legend V-Price from Edward Scissorhands and the original House On Hanted Hill. Oddly enough, this is far from his first comic appearance. Check out the solicit from Bluewater below.

vprice1 WRITTEN BY: Jay Katz
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Stefano Cardoselli
PUBLISHER: Bluewater

An all-new 4 issue mini series from the Master of Horror. Nicholas Stastny is a saintly lad. He loves his maker, his family, and above all, his animals. He loves ‘em to death! Experience the most disturbing story from Bluewater yet as we learn the gruesome truths to becoming a “Good Boy.”



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