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Meet The Nocturnes From ‘American Vampire’

Vertigo announced this morning that the incredibly talented Roger Cruz will be filling in on art duties for Rafael Albuquerque for the upcoming American Vampire arc titled, “The Nocturnes”. The arc brings in a group of doo-wop musicians and some classic gangsters to continue Synder’s nostalgia theme. You can check the details and some sweet preview art after the jump.

Vertigo Graphic Content released the following:

The Nocturnes are a band that you’ll be seeing soon in the pages of AV in a two-part story called (duh) “The Nocturnes” with incredible art by Roger Cruz.

Some of you might think you know Roger Cruz, but trust me, you don’t.

AV artist and co-creator Rafael Albuquerque called me one day to ask me if I knew Roger’s work. “Sure,” I said. “X-Men guy, right?” Indeed, Roger had done some X-Men back in the day, but as Rafael told me and I quickly learned, that’s not his “true” style…

Roger is an incredibly versatile and talented guy. That’s why we’ve asked him to come on board for this two-part story about the deep south, Doo-wop music, and a haunted man named Calvin Poole. Remember him? If not, you will. And you’ll remember The Nocturnes too…






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