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OMFG: DC New 52 Hooded Woman Revealed…Sorta

We’ve all seen her creeping around the pages of the New 52, and today DC finally revealed her name along with the first real image. Since the very first issue of the relaunch this ominous woman has been stalking our favourite heroes, and though we may not know her intentions or origins just yet, you can be sure DC has some big plans for the New Year. Stay tuned for more details as they come out, and check the full image after the jump.


Fanboys and critics alike have been spotting this woman all over the new DC Universe since the September launch, but what is her purpose? I she a friend of Darkseid? Is she the cause of the new Universe? Or maybe she just really, really likes to watch superheroes and post pictures of them on her twitter account. Whatever her plans are, you can be sure that DC has something big up their sleeves.




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