Brendon Small's Galaktikon Streams First New Song - Bloody Disgusting
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Brendon Small’s Galaktikon Streams First New Song




Coinciding with season 4 of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, April will see the release of Dethklok creator Brendon Small’s Galaktikon. Described as “high stakes intergalactic extreme rock”, the album seems to be something that Dethklok fans can definitely get into but is also diverse enough to attract new crowds and listeners. 
Today, Crave Online got a stream of one of the tracks entitled On My Way. My only complaint is that the first thing I noticed was how boxed the audio file was. There were no dynamics to be found anywhere. The song kicks in and the volume never changes once. Am I right? Am I wrong? You can hear the song below and give me your thoughts.

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