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[Interview] Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna Talks Horror And Martial Arts

Taking his legendary hip-hop skills on the road, Cappadonna is currently on The Black Cloud Tour, which also features Army of The Pharoahs’ spitters, King Magnetic and Block McCloud as well as up and coming emcees, Kromeatose and GQ AKA Nothin Pretty.  While on The Black Cloud, Cappadonna will be supporting his latest solo album, The Pilgrimage, which dropped this past November via Chamber Musik/Fat Beats Records. Click here for the full Black Cloud Tour schedule. 
Check out an exclusive interview below where Cappadonna discusses some of his favorite horror films as well as some new martial arts movies.

Bloody-Disgusting: What are some of your favorite horror movies? 
Cappadonna: Well first, I’m gonna start off with my man, Jason. When he came through, what stood out and what scared me the most about him was no matter what you did to him, you couldn’t kill him. Now, that’s a real boogie man right there. They got the exorcist lady. They got all the other dudes, but no one was ever able to get my man, Jason. He is so bad. He even came back into the future and set it off on Freddy Krueger. That’s how bad he is. Whatcha gonna tell me?  Who you gonna get, Saw? Come on man!
BD: Any particular Friday the 13th film that stood out to you? 
C: Number one baby.
BD: The first? 
C: That’s the one that got the job done. Cause after that, it became a family thing, because his mom was upset about the situation too. She was a good lady though, but after that she felt a bit salty about the whole situation. 
BD: Do you like any other horror films? 
C: I like Final Destination. I start to try and find out what the new killing style is for the movie. The new style is what’s going on right now. It was happening to them as soon as they thought about it. That’s crazy. That was like a reality movie. I don’t really remember the characters because it was a whole new cast and situation for every movie. There was no real star of the show. Death was the star. Everybody else was getting smashed out.
BD: What about Saw and all those, you like those or not really?
C: I mean Saw was cool, but those ain’t scary movies to me. 
BD: Is there any particular bloody Kung Fu movie you like the most? 
C: We was always on them Shaw Brothers’ joints. Shaw Brothers always made the best Kung Fu movies back in the day. Our favorite was Five Deadly Venoms, Shaolin Vs Lama and 18 Bronzemen. 
BD: What about any newer martial arts movies?
C: My favorite is Storm Rider and The Comet, The Butterfly and The Sword.  

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