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[Top 10] Tom Huestis Of SoulSwitch Shares His Favorite Gruesome Deaths By Zombies!




Tom Huestis, singer of rock band SoulSwitch, is a big zombie movie fan. Correction: Tom Huestis is a HUGE zombie movie fan! So what better way to show this love and passion than by putting together a list of his Top 10 Gruesome Deaths by Zombies list? Check out the picks below and leave a comment with your own personal favorites!
SoulSwitch just inked a management deal with Prospect Park Management, the same team behind such acts as Korn, Jane’s Addiction, and Five Finger Death Punch. You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to check out their awesome interview over at ARTISTDirect.

Top 10 Most Gruesome Deaths by Zombies! 
10.) Zombieland – 2:28 – 3:08
After being chased by zombies children, lady jumps into her car to hit a truck and faceplant on the pavement.  Didn’t die by the hands of a zombie but just as gruesome.
9.) Dawn of the Dead (new remake) – Awaken the dawn (opening scene)
Parents wake up to child at the door.  the daughter then rips the fathers throat out.
8.) Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Zombie girl finishes eating man to turn around and stab her mother to death and eat her.
7.) Dead Snow
Guy in cabin gets grabbed through the window and gets his head ripped in half
6.) Zombi 2
Girl gets a wood splinter slowly shoved into her eye by a zombie
5.) Dead Snow – 1:11:05 – 1:15:29
Martin and Ray take on the nazi zombies and then meet up with their friend to finish off the rest of them. friend gets stabbed and ripped from limb to limb.
4.) Day of the Dead (1985)
Captain Rhodes gets torn apart after being shot by a zombie.
3.) Zombie Strippers
Stripper begins to give a lapdance then rips the mans face in half and eats the insides
2.) Shaun of the Dead – 1:21:00 – 1:23:00
David freaks out at the Winchester and wants to leave.  The zombies bust open the window and pull him apart.
1.) 28 Weeks Later – 42:00 – 44:00
Mother is found as a carrier of the virus.  father kisses her, gets infected then brutally kills her


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