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[Interview] Joe Pitter Of Evans Blue


BD Music got the chance to interview bassist Joe Pitter of hard rock band Evans Blue to discuss their upcoming album, Graveyard Of Empires, as well as Joe’s take on SOPA/PIPA and his love of The Walking Dead. Check out the exclusive interview below.
The band has released two singles from the album: This Time It’s Different (iTunes) and Halo (iTunes). The full album drops April 17th, 2012.

Bloody-Disgusting: Tell me a bit about your upcoming album “Graveyard of Empires” due out April 17th. How do you feel it stands amongst your other releases?
Joe Pitter: This album is going to be one of the biggest sounding albums we have made yet – with string sections and killer piano parts and it has a great energy.  As a band we keep growing and you can hear that in the songs.  It’s exciting and it’s going to be hard to keep our fans in the dark till April 17th! 
BD: After the album comes out, what plans does the band have in store?
JP: We plan to be out touring across the country hitting places we love and others we haven’t seen in a while. We also hope to get another video done early in the spring/summer.
BD: There was just recently the big showdown with the Internet and SOPA/PIPA. What are your thoughts regarding illegal downloading/piracy and government involvement?
JP: I don’t think the government should have the right to decide what you can and can’t have access to when it comes to the internet.  That’s the whole getting-the-good-with-the-bad, and all-or-nothing. Specifically about illegal downloads, I wish they didn’t happen, but whether it’s downloading music or getting a copy form a friend, it’s almost impossible to stop. I would just hope that those who don’t pay for a song / album come to a show and support us that way.  A shirt sold is a good thing too and you can’t download that! Haha
BD: Coming to horror, I hear that you are a big fan of The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and the Underworld franchise. What was the beginning of your love of horror?
JP: I LOVE  “The Walking Dead!” It’s one of those horror series that is more than just cool blood and gore.  You get attached to the characters. It’s very well done. I  would have to say when I was young, maybe 13 or so, is when I got into horror movies.  I found out my cousin had the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies (or at least the first 5 of them) so I watched them all in a row. It was the first time something scared the crap out of me but I wanted more!
BD: What are some of your favorite horror movies/games/comics?
JP: Some of my favorite movies are “Resident Evil”, “Underworld,” “28 Days Later,” “Pet Cemetery” and “The Lost Boys.” When it comes to video games one of them that creeped me out a lot was “Silent Hill.”  With all the scratchy sounds and eerie noises, I was looking behind me a lot while playing.  As far as comics, what I really loved were the Predator ones, and there was a short series with amazing art called Hellshock.
BD: Hard rock and metal seem to have a very strong connection with horror. Why do you think that is?
JP: I think they go so well together because they both deal with people experiencing extreme emotion. The best movies scare you and make you jump out of your seat and a great song can lift you up or make you wanna break something!



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