Van Halen Release New Single 'Tattoo': It Kinda Sucks - Bloody Disgusting
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Van Halen Release New Single ‘Tattoo’: It Kinda Sucks




Van Halen have released Tattoo, the first single from their upcoming album A Different Kind Of Truth, which comes out Feb. 7th. You can check out the official video below. Problem is, the song kinda sucks. No, scratch that. It really sucks. Even if you took out the poorly synced video, the fact that it looks like David Lee Roth keeps forgetting his lines, and the “we’re gonna shoot in black and white for the sake of looking artistic even though NOTHING ARTISTIC IS HAPPENING” look, the song is just plain boring. There is no spice or pizazz. There is no excitement. It’s just a generic rock song that is destined to go in one ear and out the other. Honestly, even though I listened to it just a few minutes ago, I’ve already forgotten the melodies. 
Check it out below and, if for some reason you still feel so inclined, you can preorder the album on iTunes.


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