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Metallica To Release ‘Beyond Magnetic EP’ On CD


Metallica have announced that their latest EP, Beyond Magnetic, will be released on CD Jan. 31st in North America. The EP, which features four previously unreleased songs culled from the Death Magnetic recording sessions, was released digitally on Dec. 13th. Check below for the tracklisting as well as an opportunity to hear each song.
I’m personally convinced that Metallica released these songs as a response to the overwhelming backlash they received for the Lou Reed collaboration album Lulu. After all, what better way to reconnect with your fan base than to give them what they really want? That being said, the songs are actually pretty good, although I can see why they were not put on the final Death Magnetic album. 

Beyond Magnetic tracklisting:
1. Hate Train
2. Just A Bullet Away
3. Hell And Back 
4. Rebel Of Babylon
Hate Train
Just A Bullet Away
Hell And Back
Rebel Of Babylon



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