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This Operation Raccoon City Glitch Turns You Into An Army Of Three

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City really isn’t the type of game you should tackle alone. It was built with four-player co-op in mind, and even if you’re insanely good at shooters — and I’m sure you are, you talented minx — the AI is entirely uncommitted to helping the team survive the many encounters with enemy soldiers, the undead, and various B.O.W.’s that like to stand between you and your goal. Something else you should know about this game is it’s glitchy as fuck.

Need an example? How about the video that’s waiting patiently for you beyond the break? It’s just one of the many examples of just how incredibly unpolished this game is. Fortunately, this glitch is more amusing than it is annoying. Check it out after the jump.

I’m thinking with a little creativity this glitch could be used to create a fabulous coordinated dance number. Someone should really get on that.

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