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Looks Like Valve Might Jump Into The Console Wars

The internet is buzzing this weekend with the talks of a possible console being released by powerhouse Valve. If you read this INTERVIEW Penny Arcade had with Valve’s Gabe Newell, you’ll see that it’s an incredibly small portion of the conversation. I think as we play telephone and the news floats from site to site the story grows more and more. Gabe says “Well, If we have to sell hardware, we will.”

Website THE VERGE has posted new “information” regarding Valve’s top secret console project. If the rumors reign true it looks like the box will basically be a console for computer games. Instead of having to build yourself a top of the line PC to play games you can do it right from your Valve console. I presume the console will be connected right to Steam and your account so you can play all those many games you bought right form your fancy new box. I don’t know if I feel this is true yet, what do you guys think? There was also some chatter of Steam coming to the Playstation 3 which could be incredible. That could really switch things up in the gaming world. Being able to play PC games through your console would be huge. I’m in.



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