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Assassin’s Creed III Takes The Fight To America

With the next game in the incredibly popular Assassin’s Creed franchise Ubisoft looks to be putting on the pressure by setting the game in young America. I mean, if you don’t buy this game you’re essentially saying you hate your country, and you know what? I hate unpatriotic people more than The Duke. I’ve been a huge fan of the series since the beginning, and even though I skipped the latest one, Revelations, mostly out of fatigue caused by the annual release schedule Ubisoft’s borrowed from Call of Duty, this one looks like it will be pretty different from the previous games.

Game Informer just unveiled the cover for their next issue, and on it is the all too familiar hooded assassin we all secretly want to me. What new gadgets and gizmos will this assassin have at his disposal this time around? I’m looking forward to finding out when the game releases later this year. Head past the break for the a better look at the cover.

What do you think? Are ready to take the war against the Templar to the New World? Not too many games take place during the American Revolution, so there’s a pretty good amount of untapped potential to take from. Give me a piece of your mind below.

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