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Nearly 200 Supposed Doom 4 Screenshots Surface

It’s no secret that id Software, the developer that brought us Doom, Quake, and most recently, Rage, is working on Doom 4. Where most highly anticipated sequels tend to gradually reveal themselves over time in order to build up hype. Well, if these recently leaked screenshots are official, not only does Doom 4 look stunning, you can now get a pretty good idea of what this game is going to look like when it releases sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

The source of the leaked screens is from the online portfolio of environment artist Thao Le’s, which ha since been taken down. Even if these aren’t from Doom 4, whatever game these are from is gorgeous, and has a strong post-apocalyptic/horror vibe to it. Head past the break for more info and a look at what could be Doom 4! Here’s a look at this mysterious new game:

You can find the rest of the screenshots here and here, and don’t worry about the rumored cancellation — Bethesda has confirmed that Doom 4 is still in development.

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