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The Streets Run Red In Saints Row: The Third’s Bloodsucker DLC



Following in InFamous 2’s footsteps is Saints Row: The Third, which will be introducing vampires into the already whacky mix with the game’s third DLC offering. The DLC, due next week, doesn’t look to pack anywhere near as much content as Festival of Blood did, but I’m more than ready to add draining the blood of innocents to my busy Steelport agenda, right between beating the elderly with my big purple dildo bat and streaking passed elementary schools.

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, Saints Row: The Third is pretty incredible, so long as you’re the type of gamer who likes guns, gangs, zombies, deadly Japanese game shows, over-the-top action, explosions, co-op, and just plain fun. Head past the break for more info, and the DLC’s trailer.

Looks interesting, though really, if they were going to add something like vampires I would’ve liked to see them go balls-out crazy with it. Maybe Festival of Blood spoiled me a little, but when I look at this I think, “Oh, that’s neat,” instead of “OHMAHFUGGINGAWSH GIMME NOW!”

What about you? Is this something you’re interested in, or is there already plenty to look forward to over the coming month?

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