Australia Approves The R18+ Rating For Mature Video Games - Bloody Disgusting
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Australia Approves The R18+ Rating For Mature Video Games



Anyone who’s even a little familiar with the way Australia’s government treats video games is probably aware of the country’s archaic treatment of mature games. Basically, if a game has a more blood or sexuality than what you would find in a school playground its deemed too mature and refused classifaction, essentially banning it from retail. An R18+ classification has been in the works for going on a decade now, and come January 2013 — assuming that whole doomsday thing doesn’t happen, the R18+ classification will start to go in effect. I’m thinking the next thing on the Aussie agenda should be to abolish those crazy high prices for new games.

In a little less than a year Aussies will be join the rest of the world in binging on violent and sexually depraved video games that would make their grandmothers weep, assuming of course that they aren’t too busy putting shrimps on the barbie or protecting their babies from Dingoes (Zing..) Get an extra dose of Adam on Twitter.


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