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Binary Domain’s Multiplayer Looks Good, But Can It Stand Up To The Big Dogs? Also, Demo!

I just recently found out about Binary Domain and introduced it to you lovely readers. It takes place about 70 years from now, it had robots and androids, is super futuristic and looks super awesome. Will it be? Well I sure hope so. But the video below shows what looks to be some pretty kick ass squad based multiplayer action. Will it be up to the standard that we’re used to?

We can only hope, but most games that aren’t heavy multiplayer hitters tend to fail in that category. Tomorrow if you aren’t spending your entire day with the one you love, or some skank, you can download the demo for Binary Domain on your Playstation 3. The 15th on your Xbox 360’s. Released on February 28th for the Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.



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