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Is Frictional Teasing Us With An Amnesia Sequel?

Anyone who played Amnesia: The Dark Descent is fully aware of how shit-out-your-spine terrifying that game is. I’ve played an unhealthy number of horror games in my time, and Amnesia easily ranks among the few that made me want to sleep with the lights on. Last September we reported on the developer’s next game, which would be another horror title for consoles. Now, thanks to a mysterious website called Next Frictional Game that comes with the Amnesia logo, it looks like that next game could be a sequel to one of the scariest games of all time.

What’s also interesting about this is when you click on the image on the website it directs you to a Google map of China. If this game does take place in China, it’d be the second horror game coming out this year to take us there — the other being Resident Evil 6. what do you think this game could be, and more importantly, what do you want it to be? Get an extra dose of Adam on Twitter.



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