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Think You Have What It Takes To Last 2.8 Hours In A Zombie Wasteland?

Back in August I decided I definitely don’t have what it takes to survive a 5k run, much less one where I’m being chased by the hungry undead. This event sounds similar to Run for Your Lives, only there’s less running and more exploring. In other words, I’m totally in. Too bad it hasn’t made its way to the States yet. But if you currently reside in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, or Sheffield, you should definitely check this out.

2.8 Hours Later is a game where you and a bunch of other zombie enthusiasts gather together so you can find your way across a zombie wasteland. You’ll start off with nothing but a map and the will to live, but if surviving isn’t enough motivation for you, perhaps the zombie disco that’s held afterward is. If you live across the pond and are looking for something to do, head on over to their website for more information, and if you really want to go prepared, I suggest you bring one of these.



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