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Dark Souls Could Be Getting Some DLC Soon

I love Dark Souls with a flaming, burning, itching passion. It’s a great game, even though it hurts me. Dark Souls doesn’t mean to hurt me, I know it loves me as much as I love it, it’s just that it doesn’t know how to show it’s love for me. Its predecessor, Demon’s Souls, was lacking in the DLC department, and both games don’t really require any sort of expansion on their world or story. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome DLC with open arms, because I totally would.

If this rumor proves true, Dark Souls could indeed be getting some DLC. A source of EGM said Namco Bandai and FromSoftware have plans to expand on their game via “some form of expanded content” that’s nearing the end of development. Not too long ago FromSoftware filed a trademark for “Yami no Mori” — a name that translates to “Forest of Darkness” or “Dark Forest.” Intriguing. News via EGM



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