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‘Livide’ To Finally Become ‘Livid’ In American Remake

Inside directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s artful (and French) Livide (review) is getting an American remake. Because that’s what happens these days. David Birke (Kiss And Tell, Gacy) will be writing the script and one of the producers of The Strangers is onboard.

Per Deadline, “ French distributor SND Films is moving forward with an English language re-make of ‘Livid’, and they’ve set David Birke to write the script, and Doug Davison of Quadrant Pictures and Robert Léger to produce it. Davison’s genre credits include ‘The Strangers’ and the upcoming remake of Old Boy at Mandate Pictures.

The film, “revolves around a young home nursing aide who works in a remote country estate and discovers that her comatose patient may have hidden her fortune somewhere in the house. The nursing aide returns with her friends to search for the loot, and they become trapped in the house with an old woman who may not be as sick as she appeared.




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