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Teaser Trailer for Religious Thriller ‘Jonas’



We’ve got the first teaser for Adam Rehmeier’s (director of the hyper-charged The Bunny Game; watch some footage here) religious thriller Jonas, which can be viewed by reading inside.

JONAS is a fictional character study laced with supernatural accents,” he tells Bloody Disgusting. “After mysteriously washing up on a desolate stretch of coastline, Jonas (Gregg Gilmore) sheds his sinful past and is guided to the City of Angels. Intuitively, he knocks on the doors of those in need of a powerful message.

He continues, “In contrast to THE BUNNY GAME, JONAS is shockingly square and squeaky-clean, almost old-fashioned. It’s unconventional cinéma vérité approach allowed the two filmmakers to lens a realistic portrait of a man at an emotional turning point in his life. The entire production was strangely effortless, spanning only six weeks from initial concept to full execution.

Though not a true horror film, audiences can still expect high doses of uncomfortable tension and awkwardness from Gilmore’s portrayal of Jonas.

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