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Walls Splattered In Blood In Mind-Blowingly Gory ‘God Bless America’ Clip!

When Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America was teased at part of last September’s TIFF, an insanely bloody image appeared on the site that looked like something out of Carrie. While those of us who caught the film knew why the young woman was covered in blood, most of you are still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. It ends today.

Now available on various VOD platforms, Bloody has been provided with a must-see exclusive clip that takes a shotfun to society and leaves the walls covered in red. The thriller also opens in Los Angeles, New York and select cites on Friday, May 11.

Loveless, jobless and possibly terminally ill, Frank has had enough of the downward spiral of America. With nothing left to lose, Frank takes his gun and decides to off the stupidest, cruelest and most repellent members of society with an unusual accomplice: 16-year-old Roxy, who shares his sense of rage and disenfranchisement. From stand-up comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait comes a scathing and hilarious attack on all that is sacred in the United States of America.

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  • This movie is disgusting.

  • DeathSeeker180

    This movie is really gonna get the message out…

  • peepjerky

    DAMN. I’m surprised they were allowed to put that into the movie. Also I like the new site design, good job.

  • mav07

    Although I don’t like the idea of murdering babies/children and I don’t think it’s funny even to make light of it in a fictional movie, this is going to be the Best…..Movie…….Ever!

  • 321sponge1

    holy shit that was just fucked up!! too much in my opinion. But love the new layout BD! Fantastic!

  • Merteuil81

    I love horror films, but after seeing this scene, I will never see this film and I don’t think anyone should either.

    • Nothing333

      I think it’s cool for you to decide that for yourself, but leave everyone else out of it.

    • yeah, stop being such a bloody baby about everything…oh wait.

    • stop being such a blood baby…oh wait..

  • I have the feeling that this is a dream sequence. As it really goes against the message of the movie.

    • DeathSeeker180

      Which is “only murder kids that are on reality TV”?

  • Yggdrasil

    That’s probably one of the darkest comedy scenes I’ve ever seen.

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    Omfg that was epic!! The fact that down feathers are cascading slowly around really takes your mind off seeing a baby being skeet shot. 11/10!

  • HorrorFan101

    YESSSSSSSS FINALLY. This movie is going to be great. I really hope it isint a dream sequence like Brandon said.

  • BADASS!!!

  • jayarrcampos

    Just saw this flick on demand. Pretty fuckin great flick, and I should know, Ive been a member since 1970!

    • Nothing333

      1970, me too! The web didn’t exist in this form neither the site. Hell I wasn’t even born yet but who wants to give up that kinda credibility?

  • Nothing333

    Clearly this is EXTREME satire people…no need to get panties all creme brûlée.

  • Lyubimiibogom

    What vod service do we have to use to see this flick?

  • deadmandown

    this movie’s plot: fuck everything, kill everything.
    i’ll pass, i have standards.

  • PostAbortionSlutFuck

    Movie looks amazing. Gonna see if there is a torrent floating around somewheres.

  • Merteuil81

    I’m sorry watching a baby being thrown in the air and shot in a film…that’s just way to fucked up. Watching 20 year olds pretending to be killed my psycho’s is one thing. For someone to write that is fucked up. I’m not a fan of torture porn at all. But showing something like that onscreen shows hows how far we have fallen. I never seen movies like the human centipede because those kinda movies make me hate liking horror. And don’t even mention the texas chain-saw masaccare. These movie only make people sicker than they are already. If you don’t see something wrong with watching a baby get blown away maybe u need help.

    • What a ridiculous comment.

      I find it mind-blowing that some people in 2012 still get offended by some movies and insist that people liking them are sick in the head. Especially on a site called Bloody Disgusting.

      And of course we ALL find something extremely wrong with babies getting killed. But this is just a movie and whether you believe it or not, there’s a HUGE fucking difference.

      • Merteuil81

        I don’t mind watching horror but there are just some things are too far. I watch the news everyday and see people doing this so why do we have to show this on film? Maybe i feel some kinda way because i know people who have lost children and Im not just upset about the baby being shot, had he shot the mother the baby still would have died. I don’t feel that seen was needed at all.

    • Nothing333

      So the scene offended you. That’s fine. So basically don’t watch the movie. End of story. We don’t need another Tipper Gore here.

    • miter55

      Movies like this don’t make people “sicker than they already are” as you say. By that standard, dramas would cause mass depression and comedies would cause mass mania. However they don’t because you either have issues, or you don’t.

  • Merteuil81

    and if you think thats “amazing film” go see a fucking shrink. These movies make horror fans look bad.

    • DeathSeeker180

      This isn’t even a horror movie. It’s a dark comedy.

  • Jack-Fancy

    …Yet, you watched it knowing that he probably would shoot the baby.

    It was off-screen, I think it was a good move. Much better than being left with A Serbian Film’s baby handling etched in my memory.

  • jayarrcampos

    ****SPOILER ALERT**** The baby dream scene was just that, a dream scene. If you dont identify with daydreaming something terribly fucked up yet satisfying AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT and then quietly apologizing to god knows who for thinking that…then you are just plain lying to yourself. Oh, and this movie rocks and can be seen through zune on sexboxlive. kinda cheesy, but pretty damn entertaining. almost as fun as shootin babi…err…fish ina barrel!

  • I guess everyone who watched Game Of Thrones last week are sick in the head too then. Way more babies were killed in that episode than in this movie.
    Even Feast 2 had a more graphic baby killing.

  • slobes

    @Merteuil81…isn’t that scene just truly HORRIIFIC?…Aren’t you supposed to watch HORROR films to be HORRIFIED?…I mean…that would be pretty damn literal…AND IT IS ALSO WHAT A HORROR MOVIE IS SUPPOSED TO DO…even though “GBA” isn’t really a horror movie.

    If you honestly like HORROR, then every time you are offended/HORRIFIED, you should be liking it more, right? Piss off with your standards.

  • cjames

    As much as I’m against anything to do with REAL LIFE killing of children/babies(Or for anybody for that matter). This is just a movie and be taken as such. I’m a filmmaker myself and in my short The Desperate Hours a baby has been infected by a Zombie strain and the father has to make the choice on weather to kill the baby to stop its suffering. This film looks original and the story reminds me a little like that of the classic film Falling Down with Michael Douglas where a couple of people just snap. I am how ever surprised that it was allowed in the trailer to promote it, not a great way to get your film across. But all and all it looks like a decent film.

  • diapers

    I had no idea Bobcat was such a freak! I suppose I will have to see this, although baby murder is not exactly something that gets my motor running. Regardless of what we may all think of this scene (and/or dream sequence), Mr Bobcat has certainly caused a stir and received some attention.

  • Merteuil81

    I don’t mind fucked up shit. I didn’t mind watching a girl get a hot curling iron shoved up her twat in SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Theres a differance between good horror and just disgusting shit. I won’t post on this anymore but come on…if someone where to do this in real life because they see this…ill sleep at night better knowing I didn’t see this film. Do what you want. No skin off my balls.

  • cjames

    Even though this is just a movie and I make film(s) myself there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed and this is one that shouldn’t have been crossed. I was really wanting to see this film. But this scene here has me thinking twice about it. Plus why didn’t he kill the woman? What he can kill a baby in a film but not a woman? Something wrong there. Anyway I’m not sure if this one is on my list to see now. Only time will tell.

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