Eagle One Bringing Two Times the Terror This September - Bloody Disgusting
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Eagle One Bringing Two Times the Terror This September



Eagle One Media announced two horror titles: Bloodwood Cannibals arrives on DVD September 14. Nigel Thorne and the crew of the internet series “Hunting the Unknown” usually fake their encounters with mythological creatures and the paranormal. While filming an episode about Bigfoot, they make their first real discovery: a feral woman living wild in the forest. After capturing Jane Doe and learning that she was recently pregnant, Nigel vows to find “Big Papa” and leads the crew deeper into the forest. He finds more than he bargained for. The “Hunting the Unknown” crew are soon fighting for survival against Jane’s family of feral cannibals. Their only hope for escape lies with wilderness guide Roy Henderson, an ex-soldier who is slowly losing his own humanity to the sickness that turns men and women into bloodthirsty beasts. Wake the Witch gets a DVD release on September 27. It’s about three friends who unwittingly release the vengeful spirit of a witch from her resting place in a local forest. As the spirit’s influence grows, the friends search for answers on how to stop it. But each answer only raises more questions as the power they unleashed reveals a truth beyond their imagination.


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