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Weta Workshop Test Footage from ‘Darkchylde’ Adaptation!

The boys over at Newsarama have a pretty special treat that’s sure to wet your whistle before the San Diego Comic Con. Clicking the link above you’ll be able to watch WETA’s FX test footage from Darkchylde, which revolves around a very pretty girl’s curse that allows her to transform into different creatures from her many nightmares. Ariel Chylde (Ashley Hartman) is a physical Pandora’s box, and these creatures borrow her blood and bones to hitchhike over to our world. Everytime Ariel changes, she sets a different horror creature free in her small southern town. Dark Horse has been working with WETA for over two years now on this adaptation, hopefully something will come intro fruition soon.
What we’re showcasing for Newsarama readers is hard won, self produced, test footage for a proposed 20-25 million budgeted Darkchylde film,” says Queen. “We are the underdogs, so it’s important to not expect Avatar or Iron Man footage, you know? We’re giving a glimpse behind the curtain of a smaller, more intimate horror film we are cultivating, something on the scale of Carrie, but with a more impressive FX resource for Ariel’s dreamscapes and the creatures she becomes.

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