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Alice Cooper to Cameo in ‘Silas Gore’

Madison Ave. Media, Inc., Detroit’s Harmonie Media Group and Harmonie Park Music, are working together on the new rock and roll horror film titled “Silas Gore, A Film Trilogy”. This Shani Grewal project features the music of Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner, and new rising stars from the U.K., THE VELVET HEARTS, reports Blabbrmouth. Talks are underway for a cameo appearance by the shock rocker himself, as well as for a starring role for his daughter, Calico Cooper.
“Madison Ave. Media is excited to work with Harmonie Park on the ‘Silas Gore’ project,” says Madison Ave. Media, Inc. founder Stephen Molinari. “This project will exemplify a new way to launch a movie and soundtrack, using 21st Century digital communications technology never before harnessed to support a movie project.”

“The opportunity to promote ‘Silas Gore’ using Madison Ave. Media’s powerful digital marketing tools will establish a new way to market a new film and soundtrack — and the ‘making-of’ as well,” Harmonie Park’s Brian Pastoria explained. “Using Madison Ave. Media’s incredible array of digital intelligence, email, mobile and social media marketing tools for ‘Silas Gore’ will blaze a new film/soundtrack marketing trail.”

Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner coming back home to Detroit to work on a horror film is creating a huge online buzz. Using digital technology in communicating with the film’s potential audience, as well as sharing virtual conversations with the fans using new media — that is the story behind the story that continues to create and feed a huge buzz around “Silas Gore”.



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