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SD Comic-Con ’10: Major ‘The Walking Dead’ News Including Black & White Version, Romero to Direct?!

One of the major flaws with the San Diego Comic-Con is typically the studios don’t let the talent reveal much about their projects, while the fans always end up asking the most idiotic questions imaginable). AMC’s panel for their The Walking Dead TV series was not only the best of the Con, but it was just jammed with information including a tease of a possible black & white home video release, and the idea by Darabont that zombie genre creator George A Romero might get behind the camera for an episode in season two (confirmed as greenlit by the way)! Get the skinny inside.
Here’s the breakdown:

-According to Frank Darabont “The Walking Dead” will have a worldwide simultaneous release in over thirty languages.

-Artist Charlie Adlard cameos as a zombie.

-Darabont says that they will take every interesting detour that they find but will still stay true to the storyline of the comic.

-They’re expanding the world and the events during the journey, and Kirkman says he’s blown away by the areas that they’re improving on.

-Bear McCreary (“Battlestar Galactica”) has been confirmed as the show’s composer.

-Norman Reedus has joined the cast.

-When asked why he didn’t shoot in Los Angeles, Darabont said, “When LA gets its shit together and gives filmmakers tax incentives,” he’ll think about it.

FX artist Greg Nicotero said that AMC hasn’t objected to any of the show’s violence. In fact, the reel that they showed here at Comic-Con was edited because the powers that be would not let them show any of the gore. There will be lots of Romero-esque headshots.

-Darabont says he cannot wait to get to Michonne and Tyrese in Season Two, which has been confirmed and is a go.

-When asked if any well known horror directors might one day come on board, Darabont hinted that he wants Romero to possibly direct in the future.

-Darabont says that he wants a black and white version to be released on DVD similar to his release of The Mist.


The trailer opened with a police blockade and amazing high speed chase and shootout that sees Rick wounded. Cut to Rick waking up in hospital and discovering it empty with rows of corpses lying outside.

Lots of zombie action shots with Rick freaking out as he holds his gun towards an approaching zombie little girl. Rick facing off with Michael Rooker saying he’s looking for his family and nothing will get in his way. Shots of Rick riding through barren Atlanta and encountering zombie hordes. Rick under a tank blasting zombies. He climbs in a tank, and we see aerial shot of hundreds of zombies piling on the tank.



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