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Take a Stab At Casey Becker in ‘Scream IV’!!

I’m so swamped with all of this Comic-Con madness, I’m going to throw a bunch of links in your face and let you go explore. But quickly, Wes Craven posted an interesting photo on his Twitter (not to mention his story about people being struck my lightning on set) that feature him alongside none other than a deceased Casey Becker (played by Drew Barrymore in the first film’s infamous opening sequence) on the set of Scream IV. Rumor has it that the film will feature some sort of “Stab” party where the participants take turns stabbing at this dummy. Brutal. Check out the image inside alongside dozens upon dozens of new behind-the-scenes images.
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Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette on set of Scream 4 in Detroit on July 20, 2010 x40

Scream 4 set in Plymouth Michigan

Scream 4 Set Pictures From Plymouth and Saline From July 20 And July 21st Including Ghostface Killer Pic



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