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OMFG of the Day: HBO Keeps Flashing Their Massive Balls With ‘True Blood’ Violence

My heart is pumping fiercely with love for HBO’s “True Blood”, an ongoing TV series that has more balls than nearly anything on television. A few weeks ago we brought you the holy sh*t moment of the year, a scene that should have piqued the interest of “True Blood” non-believers. If that wasn’t rough enough (in that case, man, you’re a sick puppy), last night’s episode carried a brutal sequence between Tara and Franklin that’ll have gore hounds shivering with excitement. The fun starts around the 6:45 mark, but maybe give the opening sequence a “taste” as well as it features a really good moment between Bill and his (super sexy) creator. Too violent? Cry me a bloody river. And who knows… maybe all this positive press will push ’em to take it even further?



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