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Danielle Harris and Tiffany Shepis Return in ‘Godkiller: Adventures In Outer City’



Exclusive: Danielle Harris (Hatchet 2, Halloween) and Tiffany Shepis (Night of the Demons, Nightmare Man, The Violent Kind) are returning to Godkiller, Halo-8’s breakout hit that is leaping to franchise status with its first official spin-off Godkiller: Adventures In Outer City. The new series was announced by writer-director Matt Pizzolo at SDCC10 panel “Illustrated Films & Comics” Saturday evening. By Sunday, the first pressing of the full-length DVD Godkiller: Walk Among Us had sold out at Halo-8’s booth. The next pressing will hit retail shelves August 21.
Godkiller: Adventures In Outer City will reunite Harris and Shepis with writer-director Pizzolo and illustrator Anna Muckcracker while they continue to develop the follow-up Godkiller full-length film.

Godkiller Adventures will be more of a fun, episodic, adventure series about our lovable anti-heroines and their adventures as hookers who moonlight as organ stealers so they can buy back their freedom from a crazy post-nuke pimp,” explained Pizzolo. “This will be a fun series to do while we’re working on the next installment of the film series… so it’ll be short adventures kinda like Batman: The Animated Series but if Batman was a hot, lovable organ-stealing hooker.

Godkiller: Adventures In Outer City is set to debut online, on VOD, and on episodic DVDs later this year.


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