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‘Deadly Karma’ for the Bullies

Another nerdy teen revenge movie is on the horizon from Jordon Hodges. Starring Kirstie Munoz, Jordon Hodges, Grace Denton, Jessica Leonard, Rachel Sowers, Joel Paul Reisig, Robert Fender, Johnny Lechner and Jon Alderman, inside you’ll find the trailer for Deadly Karma. It’s coming back to you.

A group of high school teens shake the life of a socially different peer named “Sammy” (Jordon Hodges) at school, driving him deeper and deeper into his mental state. Sammy eventually snaps, but none of the gang sees the ripple of the quake until five years later. With a final showdown between what is and what isn’t and a struggle between life and death. Whatever you do in life will sometimes kill you.



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