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Fresh Plans For ‘Halloween,’ ‘Hellraiser,’ Among Others



It’s hard to believe anything that comes from the Weinstein camp these days, especially after a brutal 2009, but it doesn’t mean we can’t hope for some progress (especially since they own the rights to some great horror franchises). In a new “hype piece” over at the Hollywood Reporter, they reveal that plans are still underway for remakes of Hellraiser and Children of the Corn, along with sequels to Scary Movie and Halloween. You can read about the Weinstein Company’s plans here, although you have to think they have a lot riding on Piranha 3D this August, not to mention the major release plans for Scream IV in April. Could this be the resurrection of Bob and Harvey, along with a handful of horror franchises? I’m rooting for ’em, only if they make something good.
Last year I heard so many stories about the Wesinteins wanting horror films made for “teens” — forget that crap, I want THIS (and only this)!


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