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‘Midnight Son’ Takes Vampire Science To DVD July 17th

Midnight Son is headed to DVD this coming July 17th from Image Entertainment. The film, directed by Scott Leberecht, seems to be taking the vampire mythology into a universe somewhat more grounded by science (or pseudo-science). Could be interesting!

The film is about “Jacob (Zak Kilberg), a young man with a rare skin disorder that forces him to avoid exposure to the sun…confining him to a life of seclusion and shadow. As his symptoms worsen, Jacob’s mental and physical health begin to crumble, forcing him to cross a barrier that few would consider: drinking human blood.

When Jacob meets Mary (Maya Parish), who is as lonely and damaged as himself, he falls in love. But hope is countered by his increasingly violent tendencies, and the local law enforcement, which is now focusing on him as a prime suspect in a series of grisly murders.



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