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SD Comic-Con ’10: ‘Dexter’ is Mr. Mom Under Investigation in Season Five



Yup, we’ve still got a few more San Diego Comic-Con pieces coming this week until we can officially wrap things up. If you haven’t watched Showtime’s “Dexter” Season Four, let’s provide fair warning that the following discussion contains major spoilers. Bloody-Disgusting caught up with “Dexter” producer Sue Colleton at Comic-Con to discuss the forthcoming season. The show took some major twists and turns last season as Michael C. Phillip’s antihero went toe-to-toe with his most formidable adversary, Trinity, which lead to an Emmy nomination for John Lithgow.
Last Chance: Spoiler Warning…

When we left Dexter last season, he was standing over the dead body of his wife Rita (Julie Benz) with young son sitting in a pool of his mother’s blood. The first thing Colleton assured us was that the show will not cop out on the aftermath, picking up right after the traumatic finish. “We thought that would be cheating, to jump ahead when all of the blowback has been neatly tied up,” says Colleton. “He knows at that moment he’s responsible. Dealing with all of that is going to make a really interesting Season Five.

On top of three kids and no wife, Dexter is also under investigation for Rita’s murder. “In real life, when a spouse is killed, 90 percent of the time it’s either the husband or the wife whodunnit. And Dexter’s alibi is that he was on a boat.”

Dexter still has his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), but as we all know, she’s pretty far from the nurturing type. “Debra has to assume a lot of responsibility that she’s never had,” says Colleton. “She’s always seen Dexter as the big brother, so she has to be strong for him. She’s not really someone who likes kids or knows how to be with kids. Her and Dexter taking care of the kids is kind of a recipe for disaster because neither one of them has any real skill.

Joining the cast this season are Julia Styles and Peter Weller. Colleton on the new characters:

Styles: “Julia Styles plays this woman who is thrust into Dexter’s life at a time where every bit of humanity he’s been able to cobble together over the years has been so attacked by this that he has to keep it all for his children and his sister. He doesn’t want to deal with anyone new. She becomes a very interesting part of the path he takes to atonement. That’s really what this year is about, is how does Dexter atone for the fact that he’s responsible for his wife’s death.

Weller: “Peter Weller is going to play a cop who is currently on suspension and happens to be a friend of Quinn’s (Joey Harrington) and, you know, Quinn is always working a few angles. He and Weller are a little bit birds of a feather.

Despite some rumors of Julie Benz’s return, Colleton confirms that it won’t be with a pulse, but rather as a ghost similar to Dexter’s dad or in flashbacks. “Well, you know what, it’s true,” says Colleton. “She could be coming back as a ghost or something like that if we needed to go back to a period in the history of their relationship to illuminate something Dexter’s dealing with that day.

For the time being, Dexter’s got his hands full dealing with the funeral of his wife, the kids and the murder accusation to worry about his romantic future, but Colleton says that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be women zeroing in on his new single status. “Dexter’s not someone who gets involved easily and so I think it’s going to be a long time before there’s a Rita person. But Dexter is catnip to women, whether he’s aware of it or not.

Dexter Season Five premieres September 26th on Showtime.


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