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Amazing! UK Blu-ray Of ‘The Return Of The Living Dead’ To Feature Original Sound!

The new Second Sight UK Blu-Ray of Return Of The Living Dead is fixing some fairly glaring issues the the previous US masters that had many fans, and Dan O’Bannon himself, upset. Did you know that Tar-Man’s voice had been re-dubbed? Same thing with the “send more cops” zombie. And some of those great 80’s punk metal songs are either lowered in the mix or have their length truncated. In addition, the Blu will also include the recent (and really good) documentary More Brains: A Return To The Living Dead.

Per Second Sight, “The dead have risen and they need more ‘BRAINS’! Dan O’Bannon’s cult splatterfest The Return Of The Living Dead is one of the definitive zombie movies and one of the classic horror films of the 80s.

Now this horror favourite is being released on 4 June 2012 courtesy of Second Sight as a special edition double DVD and makes its UK Blu-ray debut in a limited edition Steelbook, both with five hours of special features and also the much anticipated inclusion of the original soundtrack as well as the remixed version.

It’s available here from Amazon. Head inside for full specs and artwork. Be aware that it is Region B locked. So if you don’t like in the UK make sure you have a multi-region player.

MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD – The definitive two-hour documentary featuring interviews with cast, writers,producers and many more, as well as previously unseen behind the scenes footage, storyboards, conceptual art, publicity materials and archival documents
– A conversation with Dan O’Bannon: The Final Interview
– They Won’t Stay Dead: A Look at Return of The Living Dead Part 2
– A Love Beyond The Grave: A Look at Return of The Living Dead 3
– Stacey Q Live: Exclusive ‘Tonight’ music video
– Even More Brains: Deleted documentary interview
– Return of The Living Dead in three minutes
– Resurrected Settings: The Filming Locations Today
THE FX OF THE LIVING DEAD – with production designer William Stout and FX make-up artists William Munns and Tony Gardner
PARTY TIME – with music consultant Steve Pross and 45 Grave singer Dinah Cancer
EXCLUSIVE TO BLU-RAY STEELBOOK – ‘ERNIE’S NOTEPAD’ – 20-page replica notebook by embalmer Ernie Kaltenbrunner, featuring production notes, carting information and exclusive artwork.



  • undertaker78

    The UK always get the coolest releases. I have to admit I’m a little jealous.

    • Joshua Myles

      Me too

  • Joshua Myles


  • JMza

    So, I have to find a region free Blu Ray player or keep watching the vhs I made from Cinemax back in 94…

  • AnchorBayRules

    This Is Possible The Best Release This Film Has Ever Had. Wish We Got A Cool Steelbook Like This 🙁

  • PostAbortionSlutFuck

    This needs a Region 1 release. One of my fav movies since I was a wee lad.

  • Death_Magnetic


  • Zombster

    Awesome! A must have Blu-Ray for SURE!!

  • crow454

    This is one of my alltime faves, and a very important flick in the zombie canon. The documentary is a complete waste of time, other than the Dan O’Bannon clips. Its just soundbytes from the actors involved, no new info, no real insight, and its boring to watch, just actors in chairs talking for 30 seconds then on to another actor for 30 seconds….

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    I have my fingers crossed that it comes unlocked like other UK BD’s that I have bought and imported. Still pre ordered this just for the kick ass case and Ernie’s noteook.

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