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‘No Time to Fear’ Evil Spirits Haunting the Woods

The trailer has finally arrived for Michael Korbic’s No Time to Fear, a new indie slasher that heads deep into the woods.

On an overdue camping trip a group of life-long friends decide to change their lives by moving from California to the East Coast. The trip ends abruptly for Celine, Jake James DeBello, Cabin Fever), Derek (Daniel Kountz, Halloweentown II), Rachel and Nate when Nate shoots an ominous statue hidden in the woods.

The friends are launched into upheaval when Nate shoots himself in the head after seeing a corpse-like double of himself. Celine resents her boyfriend, Jake, accusing him of being uncompassionate about Nate’s suicide. Rachel fights with Derek over his brewing friendship with Celine.

As the remaining four friends prepare themselves for a new life, they find themselves under assault by an evil spirit that takes the form of its prey. As the friends tragically die, one by one, they realize something has followed them back from the woods, something malicious. They consult a hypnotist (Louis Mandylor, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) in hopes of extinquishing the Doppelganger. As the evil spirit sews mistrust and carnage, they must struggle to maintain strength in their friendship if they are to survive. But, how do you defeat an evil that cannot be stopped?

Trailer inside.



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