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Finally, A Kickstarter Project For Horror Fans

Ever since developer Double Fine Productions used Kickstarter to fund their next game and received over $3 million in donations, several game studios have jumped on board to see if they could get similar support for their projects. Wasteland 2 is another game that’s received an insane level of support, having recently passed $2 million in donations from the very charitable gaming community. Until now, there hadn’t been a single horror game among the ever-growing catalogue of video game projects on Kickstarter. Now we have The Dead Linger, a zombie mmo in development at Park City, UT based Sandswept Studios. Read on for a video and more info.

Geoff Keene’s comment about there still being hope left for the zombie genre is a little odd, but I love the idea of a zombie-infested MMO, and this definitely a project horror fans should support. It’s not the only zombie-themed MMO in development right now; Undead Labs working on the mysterious Class3 (check out our interview with Undead Labs’ producer Emily Diehl for more info on that game), but I’m of the opinion that there can never be too many zombie MMOs out there.

I should also mention that while the project has already managed to meet its $60,000 goal — it stands at just over $62,000 at the time of this writing — a project this massive can use every penny. If you’d like to give your support or learn more about The Dead Linger, I suggest you head on over to the game’s Kickstarter page.

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