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‘Lost Boys’ Frog Bros Return with New Toys in ‘The Thirst’

This October, the Frog Brothers reunite to kill a new batch of nasty bloodsuckers in the third entry of the franchise, Lost Boys: The Thirst. Bloody-Disgusting spoke exclusively with the Frog Brothers, Corey Feldman (Edgar) and Jamison Newlander (Alan), who tell us the newly re-teamed siblings have a whole new arsenal of vamp-killing toys.
We have all kinds of new weapons, much better stunts, much better special effects,” says Feldman. “Edgar is armed with a plethora of new weaponry. We now have a specialty weapons designer by the name of Blake, who Edgar met many years ago. Blake was working in D.C. with the political vampires that we came across in the comics [which is] why this really fits in with Comic-Con. It ties in really well with the comic book series. So if you’re a fan of those, there are a lot of nods and patronage to the comic series. Blake became a mercenary and he basically started designing all these weaponry to kill vampires, starting with one of the things I’m most proud of, my semi-automatic water grenade launcher. In the last movie I had the holy water grenade launcher, which was a cannon. Now we’ve upped the ante and it’s semi-automatic. It’s no longer water balloons, but water resin grenades, so these are pretty intense.”

We have all kinds of great new stakes,” says Feldman. “Also going back to the comics, we’re swashbucklers. We have kitanas that we use, so there’s a lot of sword fighting.

That was fun as hell to do, of course,” adds Newlander. “We did a little weapon training. I think we do really well in it actually. We did a lot of our own stuff with the new weapons.

And now that the Frogs are armed to the teeth, they have some fun bloodying up the bloodsuckers. “In terms of gore, when you first see me, because I’m this conflicted vampire, my choice of profession gets pretty gory,” says Newlander. “It has an allusion to what grandpa was doing in the first movie. I don’t want to give it away, but it gets pretty gory.

I wouldn’t say that this is as scary of a film,” says Feldman. “But there is a lot of action. We have more interesting ways of destroying the vampires. From a special effects perspective, we have much grander killings.

LOST BOYS: THE THIRST will release on Blu-ray and DVD this October.



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